Wonderful Additions To Uncle Remus Museum

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Museum manager Lynda Walker shares Uncle Remus’ The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story with guests. Museum quality LED lighting was recently installed in shadow box vignettes and display cases. Funding was made possible in part by donations from visitors.

Marion Spruill, left, of Columbia, S.C., presents first edition of "Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings" to the Uncle Remus Museum. Accepting the rare volume is museum secretary Jim Marshall while Lynda Walker, museum manager, looks on.

Mrs. Spruill, a retired educator, inherited the rare book from her grandmother. When she learned that the museum did not have this first edition of Harris' first published collection of Uncle Remus' critter tales, she contacted Marshall and expressed a desire to donate the volume to the 
Uncle Remus Museum. Marshall noted that the volume is made rarer by the attached provenance which proves the volume was purchased in 1883, the first year it was published, and gifted to Mrs. Spruill's grandmother as indicated by the inscription.